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Glad to have Radio Travel from Tirana, as media partner. It is focused on the independent artists diffusing their music in the whole Europe.

Click to open the live stream of RADIO TRAVEL
Click to open the live stream of RADIO TRAVEL

Radio Travel is part of VAS GROUP and transmits with the license by the AMA in 2002 covering the FM signal with the maximum quality in stereo on the 70% of the Albanian territory from north to south.
Radio frequencies Travel along the whole national roads from north to south are:

  • Tirana-Durres-bay Lalezit-Shengjin 104.6,
  • Lushnje-Fier, Berat-Tepelene 87.7
  • Fier-Vlore 91.3, Vlore-Himare 98.6
  • Himara-Saranda-Gjirokastra 90.6

Radio Travel is an entertaining and informative radio standpoint Travel …
Inform listeners her, inter alia, on cruise offerings for vacations and weekends, to see a concert or a football match, to attend a festival or to visit a tourist destination and broadcasts 60% of its LIVE program presenter in the studio 24 hours without interruption of its broadcast.

Radio Travel broadcasts the best music of the moment and the best songs in years, while respecting copyright!

It is the exclusive partner of European Indie Music Network and enjoys the exclusive rights of independent artists from all around the world making R. Travel more followed in its online resources live.
R. Travel is the main partner of Billboard’s “European Indie Top 20 Countdown “which is produced by the Florida Music & Films studio Promotion in cooperation with Omni Group, Mei Sangiorgi, Audiocoop, LFD Press and Vittek Records.
Travel Media is a partner of any business in the country and abroad, offering different opportunities and promoting efficient.

Travel Production is the production studio to be served every business in the implementation of different spots, audio!

Radio Travel is able to build promotional packages for each business depending on annual budgets that they have for promotion on the radio. It’s part of Vas Group, the biggest Tour Operator in Albania but not even.
Radio Travel broadcasts is stereo analog power FM in the 70% of Albanian territory due to all national road connecting north and south Albania and is the only targeting Travel industry in the whole Balkan region!

We are in main partners of European Indie Music Billboard, The most known chart for indie artists around the world!

Over 60% of the 24 hours program broadcast-ed by Radio Travel is LIVE

Lots of commercial spots you here everyday not even in Radio Travel but also on TV are recorded and produced in our production studio.



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+4915753335416 (also Whatsapp)

OnAir on: Radio Travel FM 104.6 Tirana, Albania

We are in rotation every night at 21’00-21’30 on #Radio #Travel FM 104.6 #Tirana, #Albania with Canciones de Libertad by Casa Verde Colectivo.