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dany11 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
dany11 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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DanimoralesOK Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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JorgeVera Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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Dany17 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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dany8 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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image 000 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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image 004 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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image 003 Dany Noel Trio | Latin Jazz (CU)
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Dany Noel | Bass & Voice
Dani Morales | Drums
Jorge Vera | Piano



Daniel Noel Martínez Izquierdo, better known as Dany Noel, was born in Havana, Cuba, on 14th June
1973. He began his musical studies at the age of 10 and graduated in classical guitar at the Conservatory “Ignacio Cervantes” (Havana).
Already as a professional, he started playing bass and double bass with numerous Cuban orchestras and artists of recognized national and international prestige, like Pío Leyva and Omara Portuondo, members of “Buena Vista Social Club”. He recorded discs with Ángel Bonnet, Eddy Gaytán and Xiomara Laugart. In the successful “Que manera de quererte” Dany participates as a bassist and music producer. He works with folk music orchestras and in numerous Latin jazz projects.
So he is considered among the most important bassists on the international scene, he has also collaborated with artists like Celia Cruz, with whom he created the World Tour 2001.
In 2004, together with the famous drummer Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, he founded ITALUBA, a quartet of which he is bassist, composer and arranger. They recorded their first CD ITALUBA1 and quickly gained the favor of the public and critics and start ed an intense European tour. This album won a Grammy nomination for best album in the Latin jazz category and two years later their second CD ITALUBA2 was born. They have continued to release albums, most recently ITALUBA15, in May 2020.

In 2006 he launched his first solo album, “Mi sentir”, where besides arranging and composing he debuts as a singer, presented in Midem 2006 (Cannes). In the same year he recorded another Rumba CD “Dime si tú sabes” as Duo Chocolate, where there is also his music.
Since 2007 Dany Noel has collaborated with several artists of the international scene including Roy Hargrove, Bebo Valdés, Chucho Valdés, José Luis Quintana “Changuito”, Giovanni Hidalgo, Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Diego el Cigala, Andy Montañez, Richie Flores, Ivan Lins, Julio Barreto, Dave Valentin, Eric Harland, Alex Acuña, Kenny Garrett, Zucchero Fornaciari, José Alberto “El Canario”, Alfredo De La Fe, The New York Salsa All Star, Orquesta Mercado Negro, Luis Salinas, Niño Josele, Jerry González, Paquito D’Rivera and many others.

Then he entered the pop-flamenco and flamenco scene, recording discs with the well-known producer and guitarist Javier Limón and with some singers like Concha Buika, with whom he made many world tours.
IHis work can be found on albums of artists such as Luz Casal, Victoria Abril, Lolita Flores, Ainhoa Arteta, Mariza, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Fito Páez, Hip Hop Roots, Ojos de brujo, receiving numerous awards in the musical field. In addition, to remember his collaboration in the Musical “Enamorados Anónimos” as
arranger for the brass section. He also worked as an arranger in “Perales en directo 35 años” DVD of José Luis Perales.
He collaborated with the director Fernando Trueba in one of his films “Chico y Rita”, as arranger alongside the great pianist Bebo Valdés. He also collaborates on the soundtrack of the film “La piel que habito” by director Pedro Almodóvar.
Lately he won Cuba Disco prize with ITALUBA, in the best Latin jazz record category, with his compositions and arrangements for Big Bands. In addition, two of his songs “Por la Habana” and “Amada Habana” have been included in a book created for the 500th anniversary of Havana. In the latter period he has cooperated, as a producer of new talent, with young Grammy winning artists like Tony Succar, Nella.
In July 2020, thanks to his musical career, the renowned bass guitar brand Laurus made a unique and personalized model called DANY NOEL, which is already available for sale.


Pianist, composer, drummer, music producer began his professional career very early at the age of 14 in Santiago de Chile where he was born. He quickly became one of the most requested musicians in his country and participated in various musical programs accompanying artists such as Miguel Bosé, Luis Jara or David Bisbal. He was also the official pianist of the well-known “Festival de Viña del Mar” between 2005 and 2010 while recording with the local jazz elite, artists such as Christian Gálvez or Carlos Figueroa.



Cuban drummer and percussionist rooted in Madrid since 2008 where he participated as an instrumentalist with numerous Spanish artists and bands such as:
Café Quijano, Tamara, Sole Gimenez, Tino di Geraldo, Dany Noel Jazz Trio, Alain Perez Jazz Quintet, Ivan Melon Lewis, & The Cuban Swing Express, Marina Abad (Ojos de Brujo), Aihnoa Arteta, La banda de Jazz fusion Patáx, Erwin Schortt (Opera), Ruben Martín, Jose Feliciano, Carlos Rivera, Eve Cornelius (New York). His favorite styles and his main influences are based on Cuban music, Latin jazz, son, timba, Afrocuban music, gospel, funk, pop. He stands out for being a versatile musician in different ensembles both as: pluri-percussionist and as a drummer.




A new artistic perspective of Dany Noel, in which Cuban music, flamenco and Latin jazz come together in an atmosphere of fusion. To realize the project he availed himself of the collaboration of great musicians and friends: the New York trumpeter and conga player Jerry González, the drummer Horacio “El negro” Hernández, the singer Concha Buika, the pianists Javier Masso Caramelo, Ivan “Melon” Lewis and Ivan Bridon, Dario Chiazzolino on guitar, Inoidel González on Sax and Carlos Sarduy on trumpet. In this project Dany Noel takes us on a journey full of good music and poetry, in which we feel different and innovative influences in a single fusion genre.


A fresh work, with a festive atmosphere, that vibrates in the tradition of Cuban rhythmic music that blends with flamenco and Latin jazz, to achieve a surprising result that lives in the memory of the spectators. Tinta unida represents colors, the skin colors of his musicians, the colors of music. It comes in various forms, all of equal importance without losing its essence. The composition, arrangements and melodic, harmonic and rhythmic treatment represent this essence, which Dany Noel imposes as composer, ar ranger, bassist, singer and producer.


An album recorded in duo by Dany Noel and Italian guitarist Dario Chiazzolino. It is a purely jazz work. These two musicians come together to express their feelings and lifestyles through music, in an album that is recorded through the art of improvisation, creating rich melodies that caress the soul of all those who appreciate good music.


“Por la Habana” represents an ode to his hometown for the 500th anniversary of its foundation and thanks to its music reflects the culture of the Cuban people. A record that represents an incitement to the “bailador” that flows from its roots to reach all Caribbean genres. His arrangements are full of Cuban rhythms, where in addition to singing and performing new themes, Dany Noel transforms the Italian song “Stare bene a metà” by Pino Daniele into a danceable theme, making the audience stand up for an evening full of Cuban flavor.

HACIENDO CAMINO *Latest Release*

Dany Noel presents a new project called “Haciendo Camino”. It is an album in which the director and arranger Dany Noel invites us to travel with music; he’s offering a concert for all tastes. It is a fresh and evocative repertoire ranging from bolero jazz to Latin jazz, bebop and other genres. It is a fusion proposal that will transmit a musical richness that can surely be appreciated by every kind of audience.

“I know Dany Noel, we’ve worked together, he’s an excellent bass player capable of playing any genre with absolute skill. He wrote this book as a guide to Cuban bass “Tumbaos” of all time. It’s a good job! Congratulations Dany!”
Chucho Valdés

“In this valuable pedagogical and chronological material Dany takes us on a journey of his own through different styles of Cuban music thanks to his instrument, the bass. Concepts that he himself learned and that were fundamental to his training, leading him to become one of the most important voices in contemporary Cuban bass guitar. Moreover, it is recommended not only to bass lovers, but to all kinds of scholars of our great Cuban music. Congratulations Dany!”
Horacio “El Negro” Hernández


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